Koichi Tohei’s trip that never was: “Aikido Master to visit U.S.,” by Stanley Pranin

One of our readers, Mark Murray, sent us information about articles and announcements concerning Koichi Tohei’s early visits to the U.S. appearing in Black Belt magazine. Of particular interest was a news blurb appearing in the May-June 1964 issue of Black Belt reporting Tohei Sensei’s planned U.S. tour scheduled to last a full year starting in April 1964. In checking subsequent issues of the magazine, no articles were found documenting Tohei Sensei’s U.S. tour.

I was puzzled at first because I frequently trained at the Los Angeles Aikikai in 1964 and don’t remember Tohei Sensei visiting at all. Instead, he made the tour the following year in 1965, a visit I remember clearly as it was on that occasion that I received my shodan directly from Tohei Sensei.

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