“Aikido as a Tool for Positive Personal Transformation,” by Marc Abrams

“I am back home from celebrating my teacher’s (Imaizumi Shizuo Shihan) 50th year in Aikido. A number of years ago, Imaizumi Sensei and I were walking back to my house from a hike and in our discussion, he told me that his ‘shrine’ to Aikido were his students. That statement stayed with me and led me to come up with a gift from all of Shin-Budo Kai to present to Sensei at his celebration banquet. I solicited from former and current students stories, vignettes, etc. as to what impact Imaizumi Sensei had on their lives. Steve Self, from Durango Shin-budo Kai took those submissions, along with photos of Sensei and turned them into a beautiful book that we presented to Sensei at the celebration banquet (9/19/09). Those reflections re-affirmed my belief that Aikido can be a powerful tool for positive, personal transformation.”

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  1. …i second that experience.

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