Recommended reading: “O-Sensei’s Weapons Legacy” by Stanley Pranin

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The reasons no other high-ranking teacher had attempted to broach the subject of Aiki weapons were little understood at the time. Still today a great deal of confusion persists over what emphasis the Founder Morihei Ueshiba actually placed on weapons and when and whom he taught. In fact, many instructors and advanced students the world over practice iaido (live-sword drawing) thinking that there exists a historical relationship between Aikido and Iaido or that the use of the sword in the two arts is similar or complementary. In some dojos, proficiency in the use of the live blade is required on examinations for dan rankings.

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  1. Took an iaido class from Chiba sensei once upon a time. He said it was different… and it was! Saotome sensei, in the same era, taught an iai form. Because I practice with bokken anyway, sometimes I fool around with sword drawing, but that’s the extent of it.

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