“Reality Based Weapons Training,” by Adam Dean

“Do you train weapon defenses, counters and use, realistically? What weapons do you use in training? Wooden swords? 6 foot staff? Swords, staffs and spears were used on battlefields many years ago and once, were the weapons mostly used in combat. Today, the weapons used on the streets and inside homes are much different, more compact and easily concealed.”

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  1. One time in my youth I was accosted by three young men who got out of their car on a dark street. I was wearing a wool watch cap at the time. I pulled the cap off my head and bent down for a large rock which i placed in the hat. This created a rather large blackjack. Combine that with me running at them full speed screaming like a lunatic and that was enough. they ran back to their car and left. Quickly. It made my night…

  2. Curtis C..."caveman" says:

    Excellent thinking & action Charlie! I too recall a time when I was a young teen with several friends out for a late night summer walk to a convenience store and…taking up a hefty palm sized stone from off the side of the road because we found ourselves facing confrontation with some older individuals in a car who had not taken kindly to something insulting one of my pals had yelled at them, after they had driven past and yelled something crude & offensive at us moments earlier-typical teen bellicocity & BS. Thankfully, the situation did not devolve into actual violence.

    I warn you, however. We should be careful about posting such recollections. They may be offensive to all those delicate, squeamish aiki-bunnies, aiki-flowers, and those philofluffers out there who will bemoan that the willingness to use a stone as an improvised weapon and inflict bodily harm upon another in defense of oneself “Is NOT what Morihei would do!”

  3. Great stuff Charlie! Great use of an improvised weapon and psychological warefare! hehe

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