“Over the past 14+ years, I’ve paid dues at five dojos. If you ask why, there was a specific reason for each change, all under the heading of ‘my evolving understanding of what I wanted to learn.’ Only recently have I come to see that a related issue is that I was looking for a teacher and only finding instructors.”

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  1. …sounds like you’re doing fine. probably staying fit and getting a deeper understanding of Marshall McLuhan. the medium IS the message here, at least IMHO. if you get any other ideas, they’re derivative. and if you’ve stuck with it this long, you might have found an underlying theme (michi) of your life, whether or not it was handed to you in a neat package.

  2. Oh! I was wondering why I was getting comments on a 7 week old post, and all of a sudden so many visitors! Brandon, thank you for deeming my little essay worthy of reposting.

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