“6 Steps for Self Defense,” by Bob Blackburn

“When you hear Self Defense, what do you think of? Many will think of firearms, pepper spray, or martial arts classes. But, these should be the last step in self defense. Throughout history, society has used walls, moats and other barriers as a defense or deterrent. Personal self defense should also start with deterrents. Predators will go after the easiest target. This goes for wildlife and human predators. The less you look like easy prey the better. This will reduce your chances of being attacked; but, unfortunately it can not eliminate it.”

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  1. The guy in the in the link below this one is easy prey…

  2. Maybe we need to get back to this…

  3. …observation precedes everything. walls can be undermined. moats can be filled or drained. for that matter guards can be suborned. only observation can initiate the defeat of those efforts. neither walls nor weapons can take the place of alert martial intelligence.

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