“Martial Arts Addiction,” by Krista de Castella

“I’m frequently told that we should aim for moderation in all things but when I look to those exceptional people – the people I find truly inspiring – moderation isn’t exactly something they have in spades. To be honest, it’s never been my strong suit either (and maybe its something in the genes). But, I wonder if martial arts addiction (compulsive training, obsession with details etc) is by definition unhealthy?”

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  1. Yes….and reading all the books to find the Real secret to make you a super tough Samurai…nonsense.

  2. …wonder if addiction might be some combination of an illusion of chasing immortality mixed with an endorphin high…?

  3. You enjoy what you do, keep it up. Well done, and good luck to you.
    Aikido addict.
    Fukuoka, Japan

  4. Usually, only the disabled toilet stall is big enough for martial arts training. But it doesn’t feel right to use it for 20-30 minutes.

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