“Aikido for the Modern Society,” by Will Gable

“In this time of uncertainty in our society we have a high level of civil unrest, we all need some security in all levels of our lives whether it be physical, emotional or financial. Most people try to be secure in their person by locking their doors either at business or home in hopes that they can control any unwanted elements intruding into their lives. The truth is we can neither predict when, where or if these intrusions will happen to us. Most people don’t want to think about these things and go along unaware that they are involved in a world that can and will at times produce violent acts towards them and their loved ones.”

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  1. …guns rule. however many live in places where they are disarmed by law. having a firearms felony would not improve MY cv, quite unlike my probable assailant. so, in any given situation i will probably be at a two-fold disadvantage. first, it is the assailant’s choice of time and place, also his choice of arms. on that basis my training will be sorely tested. i recommend pepper spray. it is reasonably effective and usually legal.

    within your own space it is possible to equalize the balance of arms. it is also possible to somewhat equalize the choice of time and place. locked doors slow down everybody short of DEA. (they have a battering ram attached to a Humvee quaintly known as “the dildo”. ‘warrant? we don’t need no steenkeen warrant…’) other considerations also obtain. there is a balance of likelihood between assault and misuse of any readily available firearm. if you live by yourself, that isn’t a big issue, but if you live with others they need to be part of your “security plan”. at the very minimum they have to understand “don’t touch”. at the maximum, well, they too can come to the Practical Pistol, or Single Action Shooting Society, Frontsight… events. kids obviously introduce another element of risk and normally mandate that any firearms be inaccessible. having a bokken at hand isn’t a totally dumb idea.

    notice how i have omitted our normal daily practice. if it gets that up-close-and-personal your aikido will have to speak for itself. but also if it does, either you have chosen a high risk lifestyle, your strategic vision was lacking, or you’re just chosen by God that day. any day is a good day to die.

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