“The Wonder of Your Brain; Self Defense?,” by John W. Zimmer

“I was reminded on the incredible power of our brain recently as a window in my bathroom fell open. Before I had a chance to think, my body had jumped into a fighting stance as a surge of adrenaline shot through my body and a growl escaped my lips. It was kind of funny but as this was happening I already knew what the affront to my serenity was – the window. But like it or not, I was as ready as my body could possibly be for whatever the external environment might throw at me. This I attribute to my brain’s intervention with my normal thought processes.”

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  1. Check out the video from the front page…


  2. love it when some little thing happens and before my conscious mind clicks in my body has done something appropriate. when young, could NOT catch balls and such. now sometimes i catch some falling object before it goes more than a few inches. and if i miss, i will generally find myself standing clear and preparing to clean up the mess. granted, nobody likes making little goofs, but dealing with anything effortlessly is a tiny thrill.

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