“Mind Training for Martial Artists Part 1: Introduction,” by Neal Martin

“I believe that training the mind is just as important as training the body, for were the mind goes the body follows, something many of us forget in our pursuit of physical mastery. It is almost impossible to achieve our full potential as martial artists unless we acknowledge the fact that the mind plays a significant role in our over all development. It is the key to all growth and without it we are merely puppets on a string, all physical movement and lacking in the depth and understanding that’s absolutely necessary to take us to the higher levels of mastery.”

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  1. …at the very minimum, train mental awareness and the ability to switch gears. if you don’t perceive an attack, and if you don’t recognize and react to it, it won’t make any difference what color belt you wear in the dojo. by the same token, it’s important to simply get on with life when it’s over. call it ‘losing attachment’ if you want an esoteric term.

  2. Rob Watson says:

    Morning class is my best mental training practicum. The will power is sometimes the only thing that gets things going. The transition from sleep to waking is a very vulnerable time.

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