“Gorillas in the midst: the question of wrist grabs,” by Dan Djurdjevic

“In my view people sometimes get caught up asking the wrong question: ie. a question that contains one or more false assumptions which serve to distract you from seeing the full picture.

Consider the following video as an example. Watch it carefully and see if you can answer their question correctly…”

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  1. …some excellent points raised here. my favorite is “checking”. why give up a hand by grabbing if you don’t achieve some measure of control? there are a whole series of mini joint lock techniques that arise from grabs. they can be totally decisive, such as morote dori (to a pin), or just give a momentary advantage, such as katate dori (through the elbow to the shoulder). we spend half our aikido career attacking. why not do it well?

  2. Trying to get that wrist for real…


  3. The Japanese are experimenting with Aikido for real combat here…


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