“Aikido’s Context,” from Aikidostudent.com

“Aikido is a martial art. Nothing revolutionary about that statement. But what kind of martial art is Aikido? There are many different types of martial arts. Martial art systems designed to be used in many different contexts. So what is the proper context for Aikido?

There are many kinds of martial arts. Systems designed to do all manner of things martial. Some systems are designed around weapons, some around environment, some based on stealth, and some for sport. The world of the martial art is deep and rich with diversity. However most of us pigeon hole the martial arts into one small category: unarmed one-on-one combat. When you say the word ‘martial art’, most people will immediately think of: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, or Kickboxing. This is what most of us limit our concept of a martial art system to. However this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

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  1. Anderson Silva get’s Kote gaeshi by….your kidding.


  2. bruce baker says:

    Aikido .. is NOT a Martial art .. at least not in the sense that it teaches students what it’s shorthand lessons of martial arts hides in it’s practices.

    About the only nugget of wisdom that grabbed me in this article was about how ineffective aikido would be against an excellent practitioner of say .. Boxing, Grappling, or some other striking art if the Aikido student had not studied in those other disciplines.

    YOU MUST . think of aikido as teaching you strengths for IT”S art just as you must think of other arts teaching you the strength of their particular disciplines.

    YOUR ability to adapt these other arts into your Aikido training is the beauty of Aikido. STUDY WELL .. and you will decipher the short-hand that Aikido teaches you .. but .. if you close your eyes .. close your mind .. you will never see the adaptability of Aikido training as you blend in the training of other disciplines into your Aikido training.

    Only when you see how blend other training of other arts into your Aikido training will YOUR Aikido become a Martial art.

  3. …sometime i had a series of books on Katori Shinto Ryu by Sugawara Sensei, who was also an Iwama senior student. “in the day” it was a samurai university, teaching mathematics, astronomy, literature, among other subjects, alongside sword, spear, jiu-jutsu, iaido… the well rounded warrior is, well, widely knowledgeable…

    in Hagakure the commentator says, ‘what’s the point of studying martial arts for thirty year? you’d only be an artist. you can be a samurai right now…’

  4. Thank you for promptly removing my comment. It was rather foolish of me to think it would have contributed anything positive to discussion.

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