“Disc Golfers and Dog Walkers, part 2,” by Mary Stein

“The parking lot at the amphitheater in John McLaren Park was filling up with people and dogs when Ashford and I arrived last Saturday—100 or 125 people, and 50 or 60 dogs that ranged dramatically in size, from ponyesque to mini-poodle. The dogs were running around and doing a lot of barking while their persons waited for the tour of the proposed disc golf course to begin. Ashford stayed on leash, cautiously socializing.”

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  1. During the year I lived near Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee, I went there often to meditate. I just searched the Internet for the park, and it is 255 acres, substantially smaller than yours. Although I have not played frisbee golf, I remember the “cups” or “greens” being the only foreign objects of the course. Only once did I even see a small group of people playing frisbee golf at this popular park. I remember thinking sometimes that there was too much unoccupied space there.

    I believe most people who play frisbee golf know how to properly fling a frisbee. If not, it wouldn’t be fun for anybody in the group. Although I can’t see it happening, being hit by a frisbee would usually be a total non-event. I might only become concerned if shuriken golf becomes popular.

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