“Basic Martial Art Training,” by Markos Markou

“Basic training is seen by some as boring and by others as the life and soul of ones fighting technique. We all start off learning techniques which do not require much training, much strength, much flexibility or other physical attributes. Some however, quickly want to be taught techniques which they see in MMA, or in movies, thinking that basic training is for amateurs. Is there more to basic training though? Is it really just a compilation of easy to learn techniques, or something else?”

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  1. In order to try hard with each repetition of basics, people must love their chosen disciplines. This is as true for golf and every skill/sport as it is martial arts. For example, practicing four foot puts and short chip shots over and over requires a similar affinity for the game as countless tenkan (kaiten) movements in Aikido. Otherwise, motivation toward learning anything fades and disappears expeditiously.

  2. …as a practical matter, the fancy techniques rarely happen in reality. the basics work. they work best if they are completely automatic, and that requires a LARGE amount of practice. the more advanced stuff can be seen as “what if”, as in “what if the guy does…”? have been thinking about tai no henko and its various follow up techniques that way for the last couple months anyway…

  3. This article is so true and so relevant. I have taught for several years prior to switching to Aikido; many beginners have passed through my hands and making basics interesting and not as challenging for them was the hardest. Especially for students, who have thought that they had no talent for martial arts. One time a student came back five years after and reminded me about a technique I taught her and it shocked me since I completely have forgotten about it. You should have seen joy on her face! I will never forget it.

  4. This is an outstanding post..if you don’t have the cornerstones of the basics in place, you are just building a house of straw.

  5. Basic training is very important. It is your foundation in learning martial arts.

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