New website: “Koichi Tohei Resources” launched!

We would like to call your attention to a our new website we have titled “Koichi Tohei Resources”. This fledgling site is devoted to preserving important documents and photos concerning, arguably, the important figure of the early years of aikido: Koichi Tohei, 10th dan. In its present form, it offers the following sections you may find of interest: Home/Blog, About, Chronology, Further reading, and Photos.

This adjunct to the main website is this editor’s modest effort to free himself from the need to continuously engage the services of a computer programmer for any substantial change to the site’s form and content. It uses the new WordPress 3.0 blogging software which has really come into its own as a CMS (Content Management System). Even non-programmers can get down and dirty!

We invite you to browse around and offer your suggestions. In particular, have a look at the “Chronology” and “Photo” sections. Please understand that this is merely a beginning, but it will give you an idea of our vision for expanding the Aikido Journal website to allow more efficient access to the vast resources we have gathered. With the passage of time, we plan to offer similar, focused sites for all of the important personalities and subjects relating to aikido.

We take this opportunity to once again remind you of the release of our brand-new DVD titled Koichi Tohei: Aikido with Ki which is proving to be a runaway bestseller!


  1. Thank you Stan. Yet again a dignified, honest historical research and presentation of facts. This was overdue but I’m glad it was initiated by you.

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