Recommended reading: “Interview with Takako Kunigoshi” by Stanley Pranin

This interview is excerpted from Stanley Pranin’s Aikido Pioneers.

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There were few women who practiced the Aiki Budo taught by Morihei Ueshiba in the prewar era. One of them, Takako Kunigoshi, occupies a special place in the early years of the art due to her dedication and artistic talents.

I started in January of 1933, the year that I graduated from school. I was then able to continue up to a little before the air raids began over Tokyo. At one time I had been asked to teach self-defense to female employees of a company located next to the famous Kaminari Mon (Thunder Gate) of the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo’s old town district. I went there with the grand daughter of Yakumo Koizumi (the well known Meiji period author better known to foreign readers as Lafcadio Hearn), Ms. Kazuko Koizumi, and we would teach there together. She is dead now, however. Then the air raids started and there were always warnings and alarms and things were getting a little dangerous so we had to stop. We never got to train very much there.

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