“Seven Lessons from Miyamoto Musashi’,” by Phil Elmore

“Gabe Suarez, whose work in the field of self-defense I quite admire, wrote an article for the May 2004 issue of Black Belt magazine in which he analyzed the five scrolls of Musashi’s Book of Five Spheres and discussed their relevance in modern times. My Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor thought so highly of Gabe’s article that he discussed it in class. This prompted me to go back to my well-worn copy of the text to reread it. In the course of that I thought I might try to distill some of the lessons I’ve taken from it. These aren’t necessarily the most important thoughts Musashi relates in the text, but they’re the ones I’ve taken most to heart in the context of my martial development and the ongoing task of self-defense.”

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  2. David DeLong says:

    “Of all the books in your library, you cannot call yourself a martial artist and never read Miyamoto Musashi.”

    This sentence cracked me up the most.

  3. …there are a number of translations of Musashi. haven’t read the one quoted here yet.

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