“Training Outdoors,” by Gregor Erdmann

“Training day after day on a flat surface such as the mats of your dojo, can leave you with some bad habits. The chance that you will be attacked on a smooth flat surface is next to zero. So when your instincts kick in you will be probably be learning for the first time what it is like to defend yourself on an uneven surface.”

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  1. We don’t have a dojo…so we always practice in street cloths and shoes on…do it early in the morning before the real street testers show up.

  2. Street Tester…someone who says “that crap will never work”.

  3. …my first encounter using aikido was on a cross-sloped lawn at night. the guy changed his mind & crawled away as fast as possible. since i’ve gone out of my way to seek uneven and sloped surfaces, frequently in low-light environments. granted most of that training has been weapons and asotei, but…

    my teeny group has, with a brief intermission at the Hapkido Institute, SF, always used park lawns and street clothes for practice. few challenges.

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