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Beginning in 1943, defeat in the war was gradually becoming a certainty and ominous clouds began to gather over Japan. However, at least Shinkyo (Hsin-ching, present-day Ch’ang-ch’un) in Manchuria was still a paradise. In those days, Kenji Tomiki held a morning practice in a large dojo at the Shimbuden. It is said that this practice was always held despite severe cold weather. At that time, Ohba’s house was located about a half an hour’s walk past the Shimbuden from Tomiki’s house. They would begin their practice at about five thirty a.m. and afterward would go back to Tomiki’s house at about eight to eat the breakfast Tomiki’s wife, Fusae, prepared for them. Then, they would walk together again to Kenkoku University where they both worked.

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