Tel Aviv, Israel: Integral Dojo Uchi Deshi Program

“The Integral Dojo is now offering a full time Uchi Deshi program in Tel Aviv. This is a unique opportunity to experience an Uchi Deshi life-style in an “Integral Practice Community” directed by Miles Kessler Sensei, a dual lineage holder in the Iwama tradition of aikido, and the Mahasi tradition of Buddhist meditation. ‘Uchi Deshi’ (“inside student”, or “live-in student”) is one who decides to make a greater commitment to aikido and related practices in a full time, total immersion environment…. A typical week’s schedule involves about 27 hours of classes in aikido and related practices, as well as a weekly private interview with the guiding teachers.”

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  1. …ever hear anything of my old training partner Eitan ben Meir…?

  2. David DeLong says:

    Eitan Sensei was at the 40th Anniversary of the Aikido Institute of Oakland in March. He taught a terrific segment during the celebration. The latest newsletter of the Aikido Institute, the Kiai, has just been published online. Go to the Aikido Institute website.

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