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One time when I was called to go up to Iwama I really goofed up. It was a cold day and I was told to heat up the bath. Since I was born in Tokyo I didn’t know very well how to heat a bath with firewood. Anyway, I did my best. I drew water from the well. When I thought the bath was ready I asked O-Sensei to enter. He came to the bath and shouted, “Hey, are you trying to kill me?” I didn’t understand why I was scolded since I had done my best to heat the bath. Then I went to see the bath and found it boiling. (Laughter) I didn’t feel the water was hot when I checked the temperature because my hand was icy cold. Well, since I had to pour some cold water in the bath immediately, I went back and forth between the bath and the well, which were far apart, while O-Sensei waited naked and shaking. I was severely scolded. (Laughter)

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  1. Am told that everybody knows spring has arrived in Iwama when the cleaning cloths stop freezing to things.

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