“The Slow Suicide of Monoculture,” by Nev Sagiba

Acculturation to only one thing cripples you to other possibilities. Change is painful but the pain of change is the best friend a conscious being can have.

Parochialism, like cancer, is its own worst enemy and the cause of its demise. It kills its host in the loss of context.

Nothing in existence stands still or can be separated from everything else without becoming toxic to itself in the starvation from the participation of completeness, the essence of the universe that pervades all.

Some examples of human failure and interference in the natural order, such as mono cropping farming has been shown to attract pests and diseases. Ignorance only adds toxins to compound exponential more problems, in a “war against” something that does not exist but was manufactured by great efforts of ignorance.

Fear gives rise to the very imagining which it fears, thereby making it become real and multiply.

Another example is inbreeding. It weakens a species mentally, morally and physically and causes it to die out as it turns on itself.

Throughout existence, everything is tempered by its opposite, by variety and by difference.

Variety is more than just the “spice of life.” It is the essential nutrient of existence, life, consciousness and being.

However, eclecticism without foundational basis will fall apart from lack of synchronicity. Even minestrone has a broad ranged recipe otherwise it can’t be digested.

There must be a solid foundational syncretic base seated in the immutable laws and principles that are universal.

In Budo, these are found in Aikido. Then all other arts and training start to become sound in the context of completeness.

The inmost centre is found within. The universe has it everywhere, many within the One and One within the many. The many and the One a synchronous dance when it falls not into chaos through lack of lucid mind.

Primordial chaos and pure harmony are one and the same.

From here nothing is impossible.

True power is that of creation, destruction merely the lack of it.

Such is the Creative Universal Budo identified by Morihei Ueshiba.

Nev Sagiba


  1. Nick lowry says:

    Excellent! Right on! Samsara is nirvana, nirvana is samsara…

  2. …and, from a day to day aspect, why don’t you practice techniques from kicks? (pay special attention to ukemi if you do)

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