Video clip featuring Kanshu Sunadomari Sensei at 1st Friendship Demonstration!

One of the least known of the major Japanese aikido teachers who was highly regarded by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba is Kanshu Sunadomari Sensei of Kumamoto, Kyushu. He is a devout believer in the Omoto religion and has a large aikido organization centered in Kyushu. Sunadomari Sensei elicited an enthusiastic response for his performance in the 1st Aikido Friendship Demonstration held in 1985 in Tokyo.

Available in our film archives is a fascinating video clip of all of the six instructors–Yasuo Kobayashi, Mitsugi Saotome, Kanshu Sundadomari, Yoshio Kuroiwa, Shoji Nishio and Morihiro Saito–from that demonstration that will give you an idea of Sunadomari Sensei’s movements and techniques.

In addition, please have a look at this Interview with Kanshu Sunadomari.

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