David Lynch of NZ featured on “Asia DownUnder”

Top NZ Aikido instructor David Lynch spent more than 20 years in Japan studying several of the major styles of the art. He later retired to his native New Zealand with his wife Hisae where he has constructed one of the most architecturally-unique dojos in the world.

Asia Downunder is all about Asia and Asians in New Zealand. ADU tackles topical and even controversial stories affecting Asian Kiwis. We feature stories as diverse as art, business, sport, music, fashion, youth, culture, refugees, food and many more.

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David Lynch’s Koru Dojo


  1. I visited Lynch Sensei’s branch dojo in Auckland last October. Small group, similar to our own, Sensei in charge was friendly and welcoming. One of the students said “you must practice “hard style” (we practice Tomiki style.) Anyway, I would recommend this dojo to any aikidoist!

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