“Can you talk a robber out of committing a crime?,” by Giovanna Garcia

“Pauline Jacobi is a 92 year old woman of strong faith. ‘GrandPolly’ that is what her dozen of great-grandchildren calls her. One evening GrandPolly finished with her groceries shopping at Wal-Mart Super Center. She had placed groceries into the driver’s side back seat of her Toyota Corolla.”

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  1. Could the fact that she was on the tail end of her life cycle, ceteris paribus, have allowed her to keep her cool, all the while already at a peaceful acceptance of her imminent death either way?

    I would be much more surprised if an equally Bible-privy, much younger man or woman would have taken the same approach.


  2. Brandon Clapp says:

    That thought had crossed my mind when I first read through it.

  3. A lot of grannies are fearless. They probably see more clearly into life, death and intention. I know and have heard of quite a few. Against all apparent commonsense, in war zones they often stand up to soldiers, unarmed. Sometimes it succeeds in touching hearts, sometimes they are murdered. But I would not like to be those spineless “soldiers” haunted by visions of the defenceless grandmothers they killed, for the remainder of their long, miserable days on earth. Recently where I live an 80 year old lady who ran a bookstore was held up a knifepoint by two thugs. Being a feisty oldie she sent them running with a can of underarm deodorant she pulled from under the counter and sprayed at them, yelling at them it would send them blind. She wasn’t interested in touching their hearts, but putting the fear of the devil into them. It worked just the same and they did not get a penny. They got arrested shortly afterwards instead. And probably met a good rendition of said “devil” in jail. Or perhaps they “found Jesus.” It seems that everyone in jail does so.

  4. …i love these stories! but it isn’t always so clear. a friend and sempai, Tom Everett, used to drive cab. one night he picked up an old lady who gave him a destination and proceeded to give him directions. he took exception and tried to suggest a more direct route. about halfway into his explanation he felt something cold & hard behind his ear, which, on looking in the rearview mirror proved to be a pistol barrel. “Young man, I know you’re trying to take me the long way to collect a higher fare. Now – please do what I asked.”

  5. About the taxi story, I think she could have gotten her way without the threat of deadly force. Still, this is a fantastic example of the intense frustrations of many in a society of greed and apathy, all too often replacing even a sliver of love and respect.

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