“The Art of Dodging Bullets,” by Serpentstaff

“My first martial art was taekwondo, but the senior student in the club was enamored with aikido. He talked about it all the time, regaling us with tales of elderly masters who could subdue multiple attackers without striking a blow, and best of all – who could dodge bullets. One story had it that an aikido master was working for the U.S. special forces in Vietnam as ‘the little old man in the shack’ – the guy the new recruit is supposed to kill as his first assignment. Of course, the recruit would empty his gun without managing to hit the old man, who would quickly disarm him.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    In just about every martial art .. some people don’t get what the training is all about until they get hit, or are awakened by pain, but usually .. we can awaken a sleeper with a slap or poke, and occasionally as the center of a mistake as the teacher instructs the class.

    Although the writer uses some attention-getters to draw the reader in … there are some down to earth points in the article.

  2. …the way i heard that story was that “the room” was a screen for sniper school. behind a door was a room with a lifelike mannikin dressed as a VC/NVA type. of course the candidate was told that when he went through the door it was him or the occupant. those who bashed in with the selector on full auto usually put their entire magazine into the wall and ceiling over the dummy’s head. the few who chose semi-auto and aimed their shots were selected…

  3. Brett Jackson says:

    I like this piece a lot! Encore!

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