“Martial arts and Spirituality,” by Christopher Hein

“Martial arts and spirituality. What does that even mean? This is a question almost all of us ask. But few of us ever get any real answers. Some say it’s mixing religions such as Christianity or Islam with martial arts. Some think it’s dressing up in flowing clothes, spouting koans, and seeming esoteric. Some say it’s simply, ‘a bunch of crap’. However I believe It isn’t any of these things.”

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  1. …there are some interesting mental spaces that occur in stressful situations. trying to explain them to yourself can lead to some interesting lines of thought. the mental spaces are there. how you deal with them will determine how they shape your life. you might come up with a spiritual explanation and spend a lot of time in prayer. you might just slap a padlock on the whole thing, call it crap, and get on with the killing and maiming. either way or something in between you will be separated from the mainstream of humanity which hasn’t shared them. either way there will be consequences. PTSD is one name for one stream of them… & Patton was a poet. there were also several very interesting poems by Marines who had served in Iraq published in USNI Proceedings within the last year or so.

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