Recommended reading: “Interview with Kenji Shimizu” by Stanley Pranin

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I began in 1953 when I was 13. I was good at it and continued regularly through my days as a student at Meiji University. As a boy I practiced judo with the people around me and became strong. As I got older my competitive range increased and I fought many big and strong competitors. I was stimulated and tried very hard but I couldn’t overcome the difference in physical strength. That’s why I switched to aikido and really became involved with the art.

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  1. Size always matters, but sufficient skill in aikido is a bit of an equalizer. Obviously O Sensei was small, but we aren’t that good. At least for guys one of the early challenges is to get beyond doing things by superior size and strength. The larger and stronger you are the bigger that challenge.

  2. Yup, size does matter.

    Why the preoccupation with physical size?

    The Founder accomplished what he did with the size of his thinking, and with the extension of his spirit.

    He acknowledged his lack of physical size, and focused correctly on those attributes he possessed that could never be limited by anyone else but himself.

    If you feel that your thinking is limited, unshackle such bonds that prevent you from thinking large, and larger.

    If you feel that your spirit is weak, do what you must to challenge it to grow exponentially with what you desire.

    If you feel that you have no chance, you are about average.

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