“The Realm of Extensional Awareness,” by Noah

“When you practice with weapons in traditional martial arts, you learn to use those weapons as extensions of your body. This will, over time, develop what I like to call ‘extensional awareness’ of what those weapons are doing. Most people start learning weapons with the bo, which is essentially a long stick. After that, people often move to sai, which are essentially shorter sticks. Other weapons that people may move on to learn include katana, eku, yari, and nunchaku. Again, all sticks–granted, nunchaku bend in the middle, but when they are swung, tension makes them a stick. Think about what this does to your extensional awareness in terms of geometry, for a moment–they are generally cylindrical.”

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  1. …small quibble. the extended range of a hand-held weapon is more spherical, truncated where it touches the ground, and generally less useful above head height. hence, perhaps, that wonderful book title, “Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere”…

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