Brian Kagen pick: “Battered Briton survives aikido ordeal,” by Damien Okado Gough

“Yoshinkan (meaning “hall for cultivating the spirit”) is a style of aikido founded by Gozo Shioda after World War II. Made famous by the controversial book “Angry White Pyjamas” by Robert Twigger, the Senshusei Aikido training course was initially started at the dojo in 1957 to train members of the Tokyo riot police. In 1991 the 11-month program opened its doors to applicants outside the police force, and since then the course has attracted recruits from all over world.”

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  1. excellent. the best part is toward the last. personally i have difficulty with the idea of training to the point of injury. too many friends ended up with lifetime injuries that way. if you knew you were going to fight for your life tomorrow or next week, then the risk of injury would be weighed against the accelerated acquisition of technique. if you live in a low-threat environment, then your horizon stretches into decades. you have time, so both can and should (imo) take it a little easier to preserve your physical abilities.

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