Does your dojo appear in the Aikido Journal World Directory?

We continue to get an excellent response to our World Aikido Dojo Directory and now have over 3,500 listings. Please check the listing under Find a Dojo on the right menu under the “Search for dojo” to see if your dojo has been included. Entering your “city” information is often a quick way to check.

If your dojo is not listed, please enter your data and mention to your teacher the free service that will serve as a wordwide “yellow page” entry for your dojo. Remember this is not just a simple listing of your address details; you can also include a photograph of your dojo or instructor and write a detailed description of your schedule, mission statement, or whatever you like.

One issue we would like you to address is how your listing looks. We have attempted to set up an attractive layout for the display of your information. Having done this, the rest is up to you. We would like to ask you to go back and check your entry carefully for spelling and, especially mistakes in CAPITALIZATION of letters. Imagine how you would like your entry to appear in the Yellow Pages of a phone book. If you are not a native speaker of English please try to get some help if needed.


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