“More baseball & aikido, Oh and Osensei,” by Jack Wada

“Sometimes a book becomes a real friend. You wind up taking it with you to lunch or late dinner, and while you eat you browse, search, and immerse. Such a book for me recently is ‘A Zen Way of Baseball’ by Sadaharu Oh. As has been mentioned in a previous blog, Oh holds the absolute record for career home runs with 868, topping Aaron, Bonds, and Ruth. The book is currently out of print, but was purchased for me online by Seth Spitzer.”

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  1. Japanese baseball is played (with) in this hilarious old “In Living Color” skit with Jim Carrey. I was into baseball when a couple friends and I played Rotisserie, the Marlins’ World Series, and for a short time as a kid, I loved the Braves and all their stars. For the most part though, I haven’t been into baseball perhaps as much as I should be. It’s quite a unique sport; the only one in which the defense has control of the ball, as well as in many other ways. Everything tells me I should love baseball: Ruth’s and Aaron’s autographs, that I played 15 holes of golf with Alex Rodriguez (who seemed to be a really good person), and from my childhood memories of Little League, when I was absolutely dreadful. I do remember the excitement of my line drive catch and double play, though. Anyway, you all have to check out this aforementioned link. The sound is low, so crank it up:

  2. …thanks Jack! my son is into baseball, and is a good solid middle-of-the-team player in the Pleasant Hill Baseball Association. will try to hunt up the book as soon as i finish Yagyu Munenori’s “Heiho Kadensho” which somehow was never on my martial reading radar…

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