“Yoshida Kenji Photograph Verified?” from Aikido Journal forum

“The original photo in question was unevenly faded and fogged when I first saw it around 1988. I had it examined along with several others owned by Don Angier at The Brooks Institute of Photography. Verne Miller, Chairman of the Industrial/Scientific Dept said this particular photo suffered from what appeared to be improper fixing and washing which left trace amounts of silver halide and sodium thiosulfate in the emulsion. Crystals from these chemicals were responsible for the image degradation. Several years later I tried to produce a superior copy by re-shooting the image on a 4 X 5 copy camera and extending the tonal range thru sensitometric manipulation. This produced only marginal improvement. In the early to mid 1990’s Don Angier allowed me to scan the original photo on a drum scanner. I opened it up in an early version of Adobe’s Photoshop. By manipulating the histogram I was able to even out the gradation, create a more pleasing tonal scale and improve the shadow/highlight detail signifcantly. One thing immediately stuck out that was not obvious when viewing the original. The person in the photo, presumably Yoshida Kenji, had a nasty black eye and broken nose….LOL Afterward, I had a digital negative made at a BWC Photo Labs in Dallas. From this negative I produced several prints. As far as I know, one of those is the source of the image that appears in the article in question.”

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  1. …viva Photoshop! (or should i say Banzai!)

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