“Lose Yourself,” by John Vesia

“Does anyone remember the very first time they stepped onto the mat? How about the first time you were expected to kiai for a form? Did you feel strange, awkward or embarrassed? Self-consciousness is a barrier that many new students need to overcome, and as a rule of thumb, it should be approached in its own time and way.”

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  1. …as one of those types who had studied karate from a book, kiai seemed just fine (not that i did it very well). ukemi, however… 😉

  2. Thank you; I enjoyed that. As far as embarrassment early on, I did feel awkward, but my senpai and sensei wouldn’t let me feel embarrassed. Many beginners entered the dojo after me, and I was as patient and accommodating as my senpai before. I suppose it’s a good sort of contagious.

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