Kobudo II Youtube Video

I came across an interesting video that I thought the readership of Aikido Journal would like to see. This video looks like it came from a Japanese television program and depicts Morihiro Saito Sensei at the Iwama shrine in Japan. Click here to watch YouTube video.

If you enjoyed this video please take a look at the fantastic set of DVDs from Saito Sensei.


  1. bruce baker says:

    If you learn nothing else from either Aikido or this you-tube video it is that .. what you learn to do with empty hand is what you learn to do with whatever weapon, stick, or whatever you can marshall as a weapon in your hands/ hand.

    The safe practice is the shorthand for a really deadly and extremely valid martial art… which is why .. I cannot stress enough that you study all martial arts to see what you are truly learning when you practice aikido.

  2. Mitchell Gaucher says:

    Very interesting video. They said Saito Sensei was 64 during the clip, which means it was taken in 1992 (as the television show hosts’ clothes would also attest to). Very interesting to see Aikido practice in Iwama from that time.

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