“So where is it then? – Weapon Concealment..,” by Steve Wildash

“One of the most difficult things to assess is whether your opponent is carrying a concealed weapon. Learning how to recognize these complex signs of body language, that will enable you to prepare yourself well enough to deal with a very hit and miss subject. The task of detection is a greater one when one guy becomes several and a variety of body shapes and postures make identifying who could be carrying all the more difficult.”

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  1. If an aggressor has a weapon, it will be drawn for an initial attack, so it’s only essential to learn to deal with weapons in hand, not those that are hidden.

  2. @Drew Gardner, So until the weapon is drawn you see no need to deal with a concealed weapon.. interesting.. so the guy that picks the fight with you decides to pull his blade during the confrontation, perhaps you’re distracted you don’t see it coming…. Perhaps its what you don’t see is just as important as what’s waved in your face..


  3. If he “pulls his blade,” it is no longer concealed.

  4. Steve Wildash says:

    @Drew Gardner, that’s true, but I guess “weapon in hand” is possibly too late and “those that are hidden” are a problem too and deciding at what point you do something is all I’m getting at..



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