“The Time Between,” by Sue Peterson

“Recently I was looking through a martial arts equipment catalog with Shiraki Sensei to order a new gi. I came across a page that caused me to laugh out loud. It was a page of dogi belts and among the various usual primary colored and striped belts was a pink one! Shiraki Sensei pointed out a cammo belt as well. While it was funny at the time, it got me to thinking about belts, ranking, etc. in the martial arts world as a whole.”

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  1. The Hapkido school where I taught for a few years had an elaborate ranking system. The good thing is frequent testing provided an ego boost to those on the ladder, another good thing was the cash flow attached to exam fees that helped pay the rent…

  2. Sue Peterson says:

    Charles, we were just discussing last night at our dojo the fact that students’ technique tends to improve dramatically after a test. The confidence gained from the test and the hard work before it are a recipe for success!

    Thanks for posting!

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