“Student Responsibility,” by Bob Blackburn

“A professor visited a Zen master to inquire about Zen. As the master was speaking the professor kept interrupting with his own opinions. So the master served some tea. He overfilled the cup and tea went everywhere. The professor shouted ‘the cup is full, there is no room for more tea!’ The master replied ‘like this cup, your mind is so full of its own opinions, there is no room for anything new, in order to taste my tea, you must first empty your cup.'”

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  1. …love that story. the mind wants to grab each bit and hang it on to some other related bit. sort of normal. i think most folks don’t taste the tea until they are completely soaked, maybe treading water in a sea of tea…

  2. Excellent reminder of the vslue of “mindlessness”.

    Yet, we must not mistake “mindlessness” for a state of having no mind at all.

    Rather, we must strive towards having a singular “mindful purpose” for each and every task we choose to undertake.

    It is not a matter of “not thinking” as much as being able to think of nothing else at the time.

    For me, then, meditation means total focus on the One.

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