“Stress Management,” by Ralph Pettman

“Breathing out is the basis of a useful technique for dealing with stress more generally. The technique I want to describe now is based on a ‘misogi’ exercise used by Zen meditators. ‘Misogi’, as I’ve said, means ‘ritual purification’. Sit in a chair with your spine straight. Or sit in ‘seiza’ (the Japanese kneeling position, where the feet are tucked under the buttocks, the back is straight and the hands rest naturally on the thighs or in the lap). Let your shoulders relax. Close your eyes. Breathe out gently through your mouth for a number of counts, perhaps six or eight. Your head will naturally want to fall forward a little. Let it. Then pause.”

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  1. YES!

  2. Brandon Clapp says:

    I thought the link was broken but it looks like they are having server issues.

  3. Sanjay Kumar says:

    My point is to carry out a regular exercise in the early morning and listening to some spiritual music. I am using Ojas app and it founds good one for stress management..

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