“Defense Through Awareness,” by Meghan Gardner

“Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one should become paranoid. Simple AWARENESS is enough to forestall most attacks. Establishing small habits and breaking others can keep you from becoming a victim. Some examples are as follows:”

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  1. There is a choreography of predation. If you don’t follow the steps “your partner” may decide not to dance. Hopefully if he tries it anyway you can step on his feet.

  2. Brett Jackson says:

    Well said, Meghan. You too, Charles (like the way you put that as it’s important to have some skills to partner with awareness)! Awareness is the presupposition of defense. Without that, forget it (only luck remains). Not even a person with a 10th dan can project him or herself without awareness.

  3. I got through the first few sentences then left your page before my stomach acid reached my mouth to saturate my taste buds with a flavor of two-month-old Gazpacho.

    It is unfortunate that such scenario-paranoia can increase in some martial artists as a causal, direct correlation. Here in Miami, amidst hardcore cocaine dealers and all sorts of other illicit and dangerous people, I live under the sword. Such an alert and aware state does not tax my mind, for I am usually rather calm. Knowing the slicing edge is ever-present without being afraid of it is something Aikido has instilled in me.

    If I were operating in the immoral and illegal underworld, my chances of staring down the barrel of a pistol would increase one hundred fold.

  4. Yes agreed.
    I think of 4 levels of competence: unconscious incompetnece (it does work but your don’t know it), conscious competence (it doesn’t work and your know it doesn’t work), conscious competence (it works when you pay attention), and unconscious competence (it works).
    Training is from the second to the third. Both involve awareness. Be mindful in training and the world.
    Predators are fear based and choose their prey by those more fearful and unaware then themselves.
    Be aware of them and you can prevent some attacks.
    Well said. Compliments.

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