Brian Kagen pick: “Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame: Lt Colonel Richard M. Sakakida”

“Sakakida participated in the surrender by General Wainwright of Corregidor on May 7,1942 to General Homma of the Japanese Imperial Army. Sakakida provided all of the translations and negotiations of terms of surrender on behalf of General Wainwright. He was accosted by Japanese military personnel when he stood forthwright and declared that he was an American soldier and not a Filipino.After the surrender of Corregidor, he reverted to his undercover role. On November 18, 1942, Sakakida was taken to face court-martial charges that he was a traitor to Japan. Sakakida was questioned extensively by the Japanese concerning his status with the US Army , but he adhered to his original cover, insisting that he was a civilian interpreter working for the US and not a US soldier.”

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