Brian Kagen pick: “Proficiency and Aikido,” by Francis Takahashi from

“Perhaps not quite common knowledge, but it is no secret that the Founder, and Aikikai Foundation, the organization developed by the late Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba, remained committed to maintaining appropriate and lasting relationships with most of the Founder’s students, past and current. Organizations such as the Yoshinkan (Gozo Shioda), Yoseikan (Minoru Mochizuki), Takemusu Aikido (Morihiro Saito), Nishio Aikido (Shoji Nishio), amongst others, retained positive and respectful ties to Aikikai Foundation, and still appear to do so today. In terms of legitimacy and genuineness of purpose, there never was, nor should there ever be, any need to “rank”, or otherwise categorize any individual or organization by any standard other than the unconditional allegiance to the principles of the Founder’s Aikido.”

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