“Training Safety and Control,” by Dennis Mahoney

“When I first started training in martial arts I was taught in all the systems I studied to move fast but stop my punch just before hitting my partner. This was done I was told for the dual purpose of training safety and teaching me control. I agree that it is safer but I’m not sure about the control benefits.”

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  1. Pulling punches makes bad habits wich translate into high risk reality.
    The Aikido safety method translates as: slow punch is a push and a fast push is a punch.
    Then in reality, your own emergency instincts will provide the right speed for the situation.

  2. …train as you fight. fight as you train. it is, however, good from time to time to pick up the pace and do a little light boxing as an attack. the challenge is obvious. wonder how many aikido folks are willing to accept it. kicks are only slightly trickier. good to practice kicks from time to time anyway. if you accept, then uke has to be willing to pull the punch that might take nage out.

  3. If you practice to miss and pull punches it becomes a habit. The habit that defeats you in real. Slow punch is a push and a fast push is a punch. Trajectories and precision is everything. Nature takes care of speed and power in emergency. Speed and full power in training is irrelevant if not dangerous with other bodies. Use a bag if you need to prove something safely. In any even you won’t because the biochemistry will not be there. If trajectories and kusushi are precise, they will automatically magnify speed and power in a survival emergency. Budo training is drill. Aiki-budo training is drill for best physics.

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