“Chelsea King and Amber Dubois,” by Felicia H.

“In my martial arts training, every sensei I’ve ever had has spoken first about two things: AVOIDANCE – as in getting out of dodge the moment it seems like a situation could go south – and AWARENESS – as in knowing what is going on around you. Perhaps Chelsea and Amber might have been even more aware than they were had they not have been accosted doing something they did on a regular (and obviously felt safe doing). Maybe prevention has as much to do with how our children – particularly our girls – are socialized than anything else.”

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  1. …this is the sort of disgusting thing we read about every day. to some extent self defense is part of the answer, but to say it is the total answer is a ‘blame-the-victim’ argument. we must also blame ourselves. the challenge for our society is to know the anonymous spaces. own the debatable ground individually and collectively as martial artists and citizens. it is shameful that people can loudly attack others or their victims loudly call for help without every window and door producing a defender of public peace and order.

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