“Another Boring Example of Nonviolent Self-Defense,” by Chris Pearson

“I was only twenty minutes into an outdoor routine (that is, an indoor routine stripped of any provocative elements) when I heard a group of teenage boys approaching behind me. I continued to mind my own business, but they were not content with theirs.”

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  1. I have noticed wearing my dogi in public, outside the dojo, to take form in asking for the intervention of idiots. It is as if some take the uniform as an immediate challenge or even threat. At least in America, the culmination of artists of all martial disciplines form an extreme minority, and some members of the majority think watching someone go through kata is one of the funniest things they have seen. Mocking is imminent, and when it comes to youth with aggressive tendencies, I see the rock-throwing to actually be normal in this abnormal world. It seems like you handled it as best you could, Chris. Thank you for sharing.


  2. …hmmmm… funny thing. wearing grungy street clothes, have never, well almost never, had any difficulty practicing in public places.

  3. In Southern California, thanks to all the 8~9 year-old black belt experts running around in their gi’s, we are no longer considered as threats and nobody cares…

    Patrick Augé

  4. Aleksey S. says:

    I hereby motion for more examples of self-defense where at least one punch was thrown at the author.

  5. Hey pal, he threw a rock, and it didn’t hit me.

    If he threw a punch and didn’t hit me, would you find the story more compelling?

    Or do I actually need to let them hit me a few times, in order to demonstrate my self-defense prowess in a realistic fashion? Ha ha.

  6. Aleksey S. says:

    If he threw a punch and you moved to evade it, yes, I would find the story more compelling, and more importantly, related to the martial art of Aikido in some way.

    What it amounts to right now, however, is “Someone was gonna bully me but I looked at them sternly so they didn’t”. That’s great for you, but it was your accomplishment, not Aikido’s.

    It is something that happens frequently to many people who never even heard of Aikido and don’t study any martial arts. They have this “don’t mess with me” presence.

    If Aikido helped you develop it, again, great for you. But Aikido can assist with developing a number of things, such as salsa footwork, or one’s golf swing. These things, however, are not the martial art of Aikido. They’re your salsa footwork and your golf swing.

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