“Instructor Responsibility,” by Bob Blackburn

“His article, Self Defense Law, covers criminal liability on non-lethal and lethal force, third parties, defense of property, use of force to prevent a crime, civil liability, tort law and laws aimed at martial artists. This extensive review will give you the legal systems view of self defense. Although laws vary by location and over time, you will get an understanding of how the legal system views use of force in different situations.”

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  1. I also recommend Alan Korwin’s “Page Nine” ( ). Despite Justice Sotomayor’s contention, self-defense in a wide variety of cases has received attention at the Supreme Court level.

    But, let’s not get into the armed – unarmed chatter. There are a few realistic basics. If there are two people, even with a size disparity, tussling when the police arrive, their inclination is to arrest both and let the legal system straighten it out. If you have to remain at the scene, say to restrain a persistent attacker, it’s better if you are calm and not too mussed up. It’s also better if the person you’re restraining doesn’t need immediate medical attention. Moral of the story? If you don’t HAVE to hurt somebody, don’t. If you don’t HAVE to remain at the scene, it’s better not to. That said, it’s also unwise to leave bodies around… But, if the situation degenerates into combat, then deal with the combat first and the legal ramifications will fall out as they may. If you think you might ever be in a situation, you might want to get friendly with a criminal lawyer who specializes in self-defense.

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