“Just move your hips!,” by Kevin Leavitt

“How many times in training have you been told ‘Don’t use your Arm/Shoulder, Just relax and move your hips!’.

I have been told this so many times over the years that I wanted to simply pummel the person telling me this! Well if it was so easy, then why could I not do it for so many years!”

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  1. There are two ways to learn how to use our hips:

    Kata practice with and without heavy weapons while concentrating on starting the motion from the hips until it becomes natural.

    Randori with non-cooperative uke beyond the point of exhaustion. Necessity being the mother of discovery, the hips start moving naturally. We call that the “Japanese Way!”

    Both ways have to be used together. Those who practice only the first method will develope “cute” techniques but will become as rigid as glass when in a real confrontation.

    It’s only by being exposed to stress that one can learn how to manage it. Hence the importance of using the hard randori method for ordinary human beings like us.

    There is no shortcut!

    Patrick Augé

  2. …oh i could give you another one to get tired of – connect to your hips with bone-lock. frequently when you need power, connecting some relevant part of your arms or hands directly to your hips and letting your legs and feet do the work is awesome… 😉

  3. Eduardo J. says:

    Hello mr. Leavitt

    Your text make me smile 😉

  4. as a comment please find my article that I had published on aikidojournal with a kind permission of Stanley Pranin:

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