“The Physics Of Forces In Aikido: Making The Weak Equal To The Strong,” by Daniel James

“As in much of aikido, your opponent actually throws himself. He cannot prevent your forward motion because of the unstable posture in which you initially place him. Even if he has superior body weight, he cannot stop the motion by pulling downward on your raised wrists. In such a position he can pull only along the length of your arms. The torque due to such a pull is zero because there is no ‘lever’ (described in Part I in this series, ‘The Physics Of Forces In Judo: Making The Weak Equal To The Strong’).”

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  1. So good to see this article on the web rather than hiding in the dusty archives of Scientific American issues. FWIW in the early 90’s I started doing ki aikido and as a physicist this article was good food for thought along the love/hate journey of Ki and physics. A bit battle scarred along the way it all hangs together a bit better in my head, especially with some biomechanics thrown into my career now

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