“What is Low Tech Combat?,” from lowtechcombat.com

“Firstly, high tech combat is modern warfare. This involves combined arms battle groups, satellite communications, automatic weapons, aircraft carrier battle groups and manoeuvre warfare. This is warfare utilising modern technology. It is warfare waged by states. It is the methods and tactics used against the Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan.

In comparison, low tech combat is combat using low tech, or no technology. It is up close and personal. It can be unarmed combat or it can utilise basic impact weapons such as a stick or marble ash tray. It can be combat using edged weapons such as a knife or screwdriver. It can be one on one or one against many. It can be a combination of the above. It is the combat engaged in on the streets and in homes around the world.”

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  1. …iron sights v. Triticon. Low tech is also low-cost and accessible…to all unfortunately. Low tech, however, needs maintenance as much as high tech. Constant training provides an advantage.

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