“Sending Ki In Advance,” by Shinichi Tohei

“‘In fact, with only a small effort, we can handle the jobs easily. That is, ‘to send Ki to all the things to do in advance’. The job to which we direct our Ki willingly is not tiring, however, the one which we feel we need to do because we are told to do so and to which our Ki is not directed, is very tiring. This is the difference between ‘Ki goes in advance of doing the jobs’ and ‘“Do the jobs and Ki comes later.’ Even if the time difference of Ki is only an instant, it causes a very big difference.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    Your mind works on many levels of thought, you are not aware of all those levels of thought.

    Aligning those levels of thought with a precursor, such as a combination of pre-orders that send orders down the line aligning body and mind .. is what this “SENDING KI in ADVANCE” is all about.

    There is no MAGICAL force, unless that thought and it’s orders align your mind and body, then … I guess in your mind there might be. (It never ceases to amaze me how some people’s minds work.)

    Enough of this sending “KI” … define what you are doing, or wanting to do.

    I might as well say,” .. use the plane.” But did I mean airplane, surface plain, plain-jane simplicity, or any number of other meanings that could be the word I just used? Did I write the wrong word?

    Sending Ki … to me .. means .. reading the room and the people in it, reading the circumstances there, aligning yourself in mind, body, and spirit, and not letting those thoughts that break your connections of concentration or connection to events you create or are created in the room, being aware of things before they transpire and AS they transpire.

    The SHOWMAN!


    The Exhibitionist!

    You become all these things and yet none of these things.

    You are playing the room and playing on your own skills as well in “sending Ki ahead.” At least .. that is my take on what it means.

    On the other hand, if you run out of the magical ki .. you lose consciousness as your body gives out or collapses … go figure. The best scenario is that your body freezes as your mind locks up and somehow are excused from further action. Yeah, there are actual limits to what your body and mind can do, despite the flourished writings and thoughts that others may write or say to you in words, when you hit those limits … the body attempts to preserve life.

  2. In this application ki might best be translated as “positive mental attitude”. It is SO important, both for day to day and also high risk tasks. The difference between casualties and survivors in many situations is positive mental attitude. Health and longevity is almost certainly affected by positive mental attitude.

    Maintaining it is a challenge. I like Musashi’s “crossing at a ford” – “When all the conditions are meet and there is pehaps a favoring wind… we set sail. If the wind changes…you must row across the remaining distance…” It is SO easy to become discouraged when faced with rowing upwind.

  3. In its simplest form (without window dressing or interpretations, of which there can be as many as there are people), Sending Ki In Advance is a good practice!
    Great article.
    Thank you for reminding us, Mr. Tohei.

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